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Dementia Service & Information Centre (DSIC)

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Target Amount :  BDT 12 Crores or US$ 1.5 million

Amount raised to date: BDT 3, 38,450/= or US$ 4,261/=

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A New Initiative in Bangladesh: A Dementia Service and Information Centre 


Sub: Request for financial support for the Dementia Service & Information Center(DSIC).

Dear Sir/Madam,

Cordial Greetings from Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh!

Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh (ASB) is a Non-Profit NGO, established by a group of caregivers, social workers and doctors in the year of 2006 for working towards the betterment of the quality of life for those affected by Alzheimer Disease and Dementia, a disease associated with the brain function rather than an effect of Old Age. Since recognized for its pivotal role and valuable contribution in the field of dementia, Alzheimer Disease International (ADI) and International Caregivers Association (ICA) gave Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh (ASB) its full membership in the year 2009 and 2014 respectively.

Researchers conducted in 2015 showed that, around the globe, in every 3 seconds one new case of dementia develops due to rapidly greying population, with a total case of 50 million worldwide, of which 60% live in lower to middle-income countries. This is four times the number of new cases of HIV/AIDS, and the figure is projected to be over135 million by 2050. The current figure for Bangladesh itself is over four and half lacs and is expected to rise to a staggering 22 lacs by 2050. This quite reveals what an intense journey we have ahead, to attain a dementia free society in Bangladesh in the future. Unfortunately, there is at present no remedy for dementia, but with a positive mindset, numerous promising researches are being carried out to obtain a cure.

Unfortunately, in Bangladesh, awareness on dementia is in primary stage, where its symptoms are masked by signs of aging, which inhibits proper diagnosis. Hence, the affected patients and their family members today face enormous challenges, rendering social awareness, care and support a dire requirement. ASB has been taking relentless efforts to serve the dementia patients free of costs irrespective of class and creed.

To fight dementia as well as to ensure the care and support of the those affected, ASB is now building a ‘Dementia Service and Information Center (DSIC)’.To realize the full potentials and added value of the project, there is high cost associated. Our research team has been highly positive with the cost-benefit analysis, and we believe that the way to go forward is to go together.

Therefore, we whole-heartedly invite you to be a part of our quest, with your generous contributions. Your financial assistance will fortify our efforts towards serving the dementia patients and providing love and rays of hope for their families and those who are neglected. The benevolence from you and your esteemed organization will help us tremendously towards meeting our goals.

Project Description: The proposed building includes
Title: Dementia Service & Information Center(DSIC)
Location: Deogaon, Salandaer, Thakurgaon-5100, Bangladesh
Land: 50 Decimals (Donated)Time frame: 5 years 2014-2019.
Training center unit, Day care unit, Residential care home unit, admin office, library, outdoor space, news paper stand and, outdoor reading area main garden, outdoor seating, walkway, landscaping, Garden, Reception, Guard room, Boundary around the center.

In total, when completed the centre will cost in the region of BDT 12 Crores or US$ 1.5 million (2015 prices) and it will be built in stages as funds are available.

We shall forever be grateful and acknowledge the receipt of your donation.

To know more about our ASB’s activity,  please visit:

Please send your donation to:
Account Name: Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh
Saving A/C number: 0007434043767
Bank: National Bank Limited, Thakurgaon Branch, Bangladesh.
Alternatively, Cheques are requested to be issued in favor of “Alzheimer of Society Bangladesh”.


Thank you.

Best regards.

Md.Azizul Haque

Secretary General
Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh
Deogaon ,Thakurgaon. Bangladesh.

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ASB Fundraising brochure for DSIC 2015

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